15 simple ways to use social proof in your eCommerce

How to use this phenomenon that works so well in different marketing strategies, in this case, to generate more conversions in online sales.

  1. Statistics in real time,that tell us how many people are viewing products or are buying at the same time.
  2. Opinions and recommendations of customers and users. Nothing generates as much trust for the rest as the real opinions and experience of buying from other users. The number of stars that we put and the reviews are clear sign or social proof of whether we are really doing well.
  3. The support of influencers and ambassadors. If your famous favorite buys on a site or such a product, acknowledge it, you would also buy it.
  4. Cases or practical examples. To get an idea of ​​the experience generated in other cases of clients.
  5. Mentions in different media. You have to take advantage of the pull of a star product to advertise it at the same time in other media such as magazines, television spots, etc.
  6. Show the base of customers that use or consume in our eCommerce.
  7. Add the trust seal on the website.
  8. Certifications and badges of official sites.
  9. Integrate your eCommerce with e-mail marketing platforms or the eCommerce platform.
  10. Check statistics and data of our social networks.
  11. Count the number of records, and differentiate clients, registered users from non-registered users.
  12. Becoming the best online seller is one of the main proofs that our online store is doing very well.
  13. Detail and include ‘customers also bought’,best sellers and other indicators that encourage and encourage to show what products or services are the most output.
  14. The number of orders and how many timesa product has been sold.
  15. Showcases or customer images with our products. Users like to show what they purchased through an online store.

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