Become an Influencer and Leader of opinion

How to be an influencer and leader of public opinion. Create community around our person and our knowledge.

What is a personal brand?

It is the construction of identity to differentiate people, create communities around them and generate value in their lives. The personal brand positions individuals as experts, influencers and public opinion leaders. It is the first step to build ventures around your ideas, passions, talents and life projects.

Why and why create a Personal brand?

  • To acquire freedom and flexibility. Greater professional control
  • To position people as opinion leaders and influencers.
  • Create your own source of income. Monetize experience, achievements and knowledge.
  • Open markets and sales channels for own products and services.
  • Be brand ambassadors through sponsorships or sponsors.
  • Consolidate a profitable communication channel.
  • Generate alliances, work with other brands, companies and organizations.
  • Offer advice or training to companies, organizations and other individuals; as well as conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Generate an active community of followers.
  • Generate networking and free press.
  • Train and educate target audiences.

Re write your life project and monetize your passion

With the Personal Brand we seek to make visible who we are, what we do, what are the services we provide or the products we sell. It also seeks to create impact on public opinion to be a reference on a specific issue, or a certain area. Once the niche is identified, it is important to build your own audience and community. That is why it is important to create your own opinion space: a web page or blog that allows you to share your own content, teach and train the target audience.

With a Personal Brand the possibilities to generate alliances and agreements open up. Generate new sources of income and of course create a digital business. All this leads to position and have the possibility of being invited to conferences, talks, workshops.

Having clear positions, build, share content and have recipients will give us the option to create and position new products such as books, guides, and courses. Offer advisory and coaching services and of course be in the minds of citizens. This is to create community around our person and our knowledge.

What is needed?

  • Identification of audience or target audience.
  • Identification and creation of products and services.
  • Brand design with identity manual.
  • Construction of the main message
  • Design and programming of web sites. Blog.
  • Promotion strategy through social networks.
  • Applications of the brand. Stationery.
  • Design of a portfolio of services up to 12 pages.
  • Learn to create your own content. INBOUND communication.
  • Creation of profiles in social networks and content grilling.
  • Implementation of analysis and segmentation of audiences.
  • Photos and promotional video.

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