Life of a blogger? Easy or Difficult? In Truth, Earn Money?

How easy or difficult to be a blogger and more when we seek to make money with a Blog

Surely you are one of those entrepreneurs who think of living blogging activity, it is usually very easy for a few and very difficult for most people to make good money with a blog, but it is possible and that is what is important. The life of a blogger can be simplified if he knows some good strategies and applies them.

Almost all bloggers make the mistake of discontinuing something that is working well to try to exploit something else: a new niche or several of them, go behind many issues at the same time, leave the easy and it works very well for last while we go first for the difficult, etc. … but the bloggers who really make money with their projects on the Internet are very clear about their goals and do not abandon them!

Can the life of a blogger be difficult?

It is clear that there are many occasions when it can be very difficult: from the disapproval of family and friends who think that we waste time (sometimes they are right), when we simply express ourselves without really knowing the user’s need for information, when not we take the time to work on web positioning, among other factors that can determine the success or failure of your venture.

If you choose wrong things as simple as: your topic, keywords to work and monetization forms, it is very difficult for you to earn money as a blogger. If your pages do not generate enough traffic on topics that are really worthwhile, then you have a lot of work to do and it is time to do a good analysis to determine what you are failing.

We can summarize: in that if you do not have the necessary information, there will be many mistakes along the way. From experience I tell you that right now I am correcting many mistakes of the year 2013, in those days I started as bloggers and like any newbie I messed up again and again. At the same time you can say: that a single article (on good keywords, little competition and well optimized) changed my life as a blogger.

Can the life of a blogger be easy?

It is a little difficult that your new life as a blogger is easy, that depends on the mentality with which you make your venture. If you are new to the blogging world and you really want to succeed (make money without feeling so much the burden of hard work) I recommend the following:

1- Take the time to learn

First learn about blogging activity and all that implies. Do not create your blog without first researching: web optimization and positioning, practices penalized by search engines, keywords, analysis of the competition, generation of quality links, viral content dissemination (at this point it emphasizes the use of social networks), different forms of monetization and content marketing.

Taking the time to learn helps you make fewer mistakes so it makes your life much more enjoyable. I recommend you create a site as a practice in a free platform like this blogger and then you have some knowledge, really start and earn money with your blog.

2- Remember that it is a life project and continue taking your time

Nothing better to complicate the life of a new blogger than the desire to see your blog positioned in a very short time, with hundreds or thousands of visits per day and generating a lot of money. It is important to remember that each new site must earn the trust of Google and then overcome in authority to many pages of the competition and that takes time.

If we start as bloggers with this mentality, we will know how to work patiently and wait for the right time to see the results, while continuing to live your life in a normal way. If you really want to not feel that this is more difficult than it really is: think about what is a future project and while you continue living from your usual work and devote to blogging only part of your free time.

3- Forget the myth that you must publish daily

It is much better to write a post per week that really generates traffic and not one every day burning keywords in poor entries or that simply will not give you a good number of visits. Remember the previous point: “Take your time”, research the keywords and their competence well, make a good publication and seek viral dissemination on the web.

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