This happened to me in 2020 – Short Review

2020 has ended up but left many worst memories in the head. That was the longest year ever. The things started getting worst in beginning of 2020 even before the pandemic, felt like these will never end with any proper solution. That year took so many things but gave many experiences & lessons that i have never imagined to get before. If i have to explain this year in some words, i will say, it was the decision making year, it was the year of handling toughest situations, year of bearing losses, year of challenges, year of rejections. I felt like i have actually opened my eyes to see the real world. The biggest things that year 2020 gave me, is the power to sense the things that cannot be seen or to be feel without having strongest sixth sense or through the 3rd eye. 2020 filled me with many strengths, faith and believing. 2020 tought me to remain calm and quiet even in the hardest situations.

Afterall, gone through the toughest situations in first half of the year, i was able to manage and learned to stabilize the things. Then it turned to year of gains, year of growth, year of blessings, year of development in the 2nd half of the year. I feel truly blessed to be able to do all that i did in 2020 despite the craziness happening. Maybe it’s me getting wiser all of the sudden, or it’s the unprecedented events of 2020, but I have learnt to practice gratitude every day. So far, from the past learning, i have picked some goals for next:

Prioritize the things, Be a Doer, Be proactive, Keep calm and quiet, Stay away from pessimists, Eliminate time wasting activities, Choose wisely whatever the people or the things, Continue finding compounding improvements, Unlock extreme growth in all areas of life, Reimplement deep thinking time, so I can spend more time learning from what I don’t see, Delegate more often and get out of the way.

Let’s say Alhamdulillah for everything & hope for the best for the year 2021. May upcoming year bring countless blessings & happiness to our lives.

Happy New Year 2021


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