Welcome to my personal blog!

This is the website where I share my thoughts, inspirations, dreams, experiences and relevant content that you find helpful in your personal and professional life as online entrepreneur. I want to make you awaremotivate you and help you develop your true potential and discover that, besides, you can have a great time doing online stuff.

For those who don’t know me: I’m Arsalan Masood, Founder & CEO of Virally Media Private Limited and Co-Founder at JS Adverto.

I am Internet Entrepreneur, Blogs Writer, Marketer, and Social Media Expert by Profession, Studied Business Education & Marketing. A passionate blogger, marketer. Love minimalist life, Innovating Businesses Online. Passionate from heart & doer by action.

At the age of 21, I founded my first company with a passion and enthusiasm. Since 2006, I was Passionate about WordPress Blogging, Digital Marketing and SEO. I was clear about the enormous potential that Internet offers for business, and for marketing and the communication. I was precisely looking for new channels to spread online business as I began to discover the possibilities of blogging and social networks as online marketing tools. And it is that the restlessness, the curiosity, the desire to learn and improve to give the best of myself are the driving force behind all the projects in which I am involved.

As a young entrepreneur and hunter of new opportunities, every day I wake up with the courage to create value where it does not exist, and to imagine new ways of doing and to invent what has not been done.

Looking for everything that I’m up to right now? Check out Virally Media Private Limited & JS Adverto.

Below are some of my well-known online companies under the parent company Virally Media:

Infinity Pakistan – Your Style Partner

One of Pakistan’s leading online clothing brands. Give Your Style a Lasting Impression with Our Elegant/Bold Fashion Statements. We Pursue Modern/Contemporary Fashion Carrying Forward The Heritage Of Our Rich Traditional Eastern Background. We Aspire To Be The Emblem Of Pakistani Fashion Trends/Trendsetters.

GiveAGift – Giveaways

A company dedicated to providing gifts and promotional items, offering quality solutions for the advertising needs of companies and personal personalized gifts.
Offering a wide variety of giveaways and designs adapted to the requirements of each client. Impressions of logos, promotional messages, useful articles according to the needs.

HealthProTips – Healthy Life Habits

HealthProTips is a health web portal aimed at all audiences. Our mission is to spread knowledge destined to:

  • Promote healthy life habits.
  • Promote disease prevention.
  • Improve the quality of life of the general population.

Offering answers and solutions to any doubts that may arise about all types of Health related issues, from the most common to the least frequent but equally important. In addition, in Healthprotips.com we have news, interviews with experts, practical advice and detailed information on pregnancy, babies and children, nutrition, mental health, alternative therapies, wellness, beauty or exercise.

All our contents are written and structured in a simple and enjoyable way to make them accessible to all types of readers, and are prepared by health personnel or professionals specialized in various branches of health (nutritionists, psychologists, pediatricians, sports monitors …), as well as by qualified health experts journalists.

VirallyMedia – Never Miss Anything

Never Miss Anything

The leading news marvel and humor website. Handpicked collection of the latest news, trends, viral Stuff and whats going on around the world.

Never miss anything. Worth sharing, Gone Viral Content, mind-blowing stories, all the best news, entertainment and real life from VirallyMedia every day.

11 Most – Filled with Curiosity

1Most.com is a website for explorers and discoverers to learning something new with the collection of interesting and fascinating facts. The most fascinating and exciting charms of Global knowledge. Amazing lists packed with as many new facts as possible that will make you feel good, smile and laugh. Take a break from your busy day and kill the time by reading more material to argue over. So, learn something new and, more notably, something you can tell your friends about. Comprehensively scrutinized and diligently-listed, 11Most lists, covering topics ranging from entertainment to humor and politics to trends.

TechSpices – Technology Spices

TechSpices is a leading technology publication platform with the aim of covering, analyzing, researching, mentioning and discerning about technology, science and digital culture.

We bring news, analysis and reports on the latest inventions, prototypes and technological services that are cooked throughout the digital world. You will find the latest news, analysis, reflections and advice from a good group of professionals as well as detailed mobile information, new updates, rumors of upcoming launches and telephony operators. Our mission is to cover news with regard to Startups, entrepreneurship, and Technology.

There are many who visit us every day, those who use news readers or the newsletter by email to follow the news from us. Others prefer to be updated from our Facebook or Twitter. We want to thank all readers for your interest. We also thank you for the kindness with which you treat us, in addition to the understanding and the good spirit that you show when correcting us when we are wrong. We will never be too busy to hear your feedback, input or critique on us and if you ever feel like dropping us a mail to have a friendly chat with one of our writers then you are welcome to do so!

AdsAny – Sell & Buy Freedom

SELL AND BUY NEAR YOU. Simple, fast and efficient. Post your ads in few simple steps. Anything you want to sell, should be sold for right time at right place to right person at right price.

JobsRead – Finding Jobs Get Easier

JobsRead is one of the leading jobs reference portals in Pakistan. Always oriented and eagle eye focused to the user service -both company and candidate. The perfect Place for job seekers to find latest jobs. We provide latest Job posts from various sources, job advertisements from different newspapers, government jobs, career guide articles and news related to jobs. We are trying to make the process of job search easier for by providing all government and private jobs at one website. JobsRead.com acts as a link between labor supply and demand. Its objective is to facilitate and streamline the processes of personnel selection and job search, providing for this, the most detailed online portal. It’s not just about finding the right job. You are also looking for the right company. That is why we have created a site where you can find reliable information about current jobs openings. At JobsRead.com, Our Team tries best to cover up all jobs vacancies and career opportunities from both Private and Public sector in Pakistan and we post these to our website on regular basis, so the jobseeker don’t need to visit each website individually, Candidates can find the right job at one place.

99Recipe – Recipes you Love

The Website of 99Recipe.com is a place for lovers of the world of gastronomy, cuisine and food in general. It started with 99 Best Recipes few years ago, allowing cooks of all types and interests to connect through recipes, reviews, photos, blog posts, personal collections, and more. On 99Recipe website, you can find the recipes of the best cooking blogs, where we share our knowledge and interact with all of you, talking about the recipes that you like the most. Sharing foods you crave and following the cooks you love and lots of awesome recipe handpicked just for you.

Offer you our best compilations of daily recipes, quick recipes around an ingredient or an event to make it easy for you to find ideas, we talk about desserts to accompany recipes, nutrition, cookbooks, places that you find interesting…

AWebTV – News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Current Affairs, Videos

Platform for unbiased News, Videos, Articles and Reviews from current affairs of Pakistan. Leading Web Portal for News, Current Affairs, and Things around Internet for Pakistani’s and Overseas Pakistani’s. Never miss out the News Feed, Breaking News, Latest Gossips, and News Bulletins. Also check out the Pakistani Talk Shows, Urdu News, Political Discussions, and Latest Pakistani & Internal News that you have missed out watching live. Stay Tuned with what’s going on around the world.

MrNeedy – Freelancing Freedom

MrNeedy is an Online Platform for Employers to Hire Professionals to get their work done and Freelancers and Professionals can Search Jobs and Earn money by working with real clients across the world without any restrictions or limitations.

Users can easily find Creative Designers, Web and Software Developers, Content Writers, Virtual Assistants, and many more other professionals and skilled persons. On a mission to build a global community of Trusted Freelancers where everyone can get Freelancing Freedom.

Projects on various categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing and many more can be posted and found on our Platform.

Creating an account, finding work or posting a project is absolutely free of cost on MrNeedy.

PhoneLatest – Latest Phones Information

PhoneLatest is one of the largest communities on cell phones. We cover all news about phones and provides cell phone features, Analysis, opinion, news and current events in the world of mobile phones. PhoneLatest has a community of users that reflect their experiences, opinions, and criticisms about cell phones and tablets. The specifications of the cell phones are for information and may vary. PhoneLatest is not responsible for the use of them. We help users find the cell phones features, offers, and operators that best suit their needs, developing useful tools to facilitate the decision and purchase process.

AskTab – Ask Anything

AskTab is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions. A place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. Our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. A vast amount of the knowledge that would be valuable to many people.

ReportCell – Leaks around the world

Report Cell presents the biggest source of various reports and leaks around the world, We try to find the authentic leaks from Hollywood, Bollywood, Media, Technology and Business industry through the genuine source and provide on our website with links.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I hope, i inspired you a little bit.

Building an online business takes a lot of time, hard work, patience, and luck.

My goal here is to share my experiences, lessons I learned, case-studies, and resources to help you build a successful online business.

Once again, thanks a lot for taking your time to read this. I look forward to connecting with you.


-Arsalan Masood