Create a morning routine to achieve success in 7 steps

The most successful people in history have come far thanks to their morning habits. Following this morning routine of 7 steps you get to prepare the body and mind to face the day and achieve success in all areas…

Whoever gets up early, God helps” is a saying that older people usually utter, or those wise people who are sure that starting well in the morning is a factor of success.

But is it necessary to get up early to achieve success? If you ask this question to successful people, like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Franklin or Beethoven, probably answer affirmatively, according to their own experiences.

And if getting up early is key to reaching all goals and feeling fuller, what is the best routine to follow in the morning?

Below we detail how to create a super morning routine to achieve success in everything we set out to do.

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1. Prepare for tomorrow

Take the last night to prepare, not only what will be done the next day, but how to deal with it, is the first step.

For this you have to make a series of simple habits to prepare the body and mind for rest:

Reducing the time in front of the screen (both on TV, computer and mobile) before sleep is a very effective practice, since the light of electronic devices interrupts sleep.

Having a light reading, at least 20 minutes, in bed, promotes sleep and guarantees a more restful sleep than if you watch the news or consult social networks.

2. Forget about the alarm clock

The sound alarms are quite unpleasant and generate a psychological rejection of the idea of ​​getting up early. In addition, they generate stress and cause the day to start with negativity.

Using an alarm that emits a light similar to that of dawn is much better, since it activates the circadian responses of the organism by simulating the sun’s stimulus. This makes awakening a much more pleasant ritual.

3. Use the 5 second rule

Another practice that helps a lot, and that complements the alarm with light, is the rule of 5 seconds.

It consists of counting down from 5 to 1 just at the time of getting out of bed. This habit stimulates the prefrontal cortex, activating attention.

4. Stimulate your body and your mind

A dose of caffeine in the morning is beneficial for health.

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance that stimulates the central nervous system, which is a great help to be more attentive during the morning. In case you cannot drink caffeine, drinking a cup of tea achieves the same goals.

On the other hand, taking a shower in the morning that ends with cold water is a ritual that, although it may seem unpleasant, is extremely effective.

5. Get some exercise

Very few dare to say that it is fun to get up early to start training in the gym at 6:00 am, but the reality is that exercising in the morning brings great benefits.

Also, it is not strictly necessary to have to go to the gym. A gentle trot for 30 minutes through the nearest park may be enough.

The result? A positive attitude and a sense of well-being right at the most crucial times of the day.

6. Meditate and exercise the mind

Practicing meditation in the mornings, for 10 or 20 minutes, not only helps connect with the universe and with oneself.

This habit also encourages an attitude of calm and peace, generating positive results for physical and mental health.

If this practice is accompanied with thanksgiving exercises and yoga stretches, the benefits are enhanced.

To exercise the mind, it is recommended to write three pages a day in a personal notebook expressing the daily goals or the activities to be fulfilled throughout the day.

It has been proven that this practice combats depressive symptoms, improving creativity.

7. Practice personal development

Beyond the simple fact of practicing a religion, having spirituality as part of the usual points to deal with each morning is paramount.

This activity may vary according to the tastes of each one. For example, you can walk barefoot on the lawn accompanied by some reading that encourages personal development.

This routine helps to raise awareness and spirit, and to feel open to solutions and new possibilities.

Also, stopping a moment during the day to have a few minutes of meeting and inner reflection is a good habit way to grow in life, in work and in relationships?

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