My Top Secret to Achieving Big Goals

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We have goals of all kinds: we want to grow our business, we want to get a promotion, graduate, get that contract, have an attractive physique, change our behavior, control our emotions, etc. Here are some of My Top Secret to Achieving big Goals:

We see those people who have and enjoy what we want and want to know how they did it.

We see what they do every day to be what they are and think: if we do what they do, will we achieve what they have achieved?

Then we motivated ourselves and began to work intensively to fulfill our goals, trying to imitate what others have done.

The days pass and the results are almost imperceptible. You have worked so hard for so little, you think, “this is too much, I do not think I can continue to carry this rhythm”, and you give up.

After a while, they make you want to try again, because you really want to achieve that goal. You work hard, hard a little more, but the results are still very little known.

You cannot, you say.

It hurts to think that, but you do not know what happens.

Aren’t you strong enough? Wasn’t you one of the chosen ones to achieve what you want?

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What’s going on?

No, it is not that you are not one of the chosen ones or that you are inferior to those who do. What happens is that you try overnight to put yourself at the level of those who achieved it, when it took months, even years to achieve it (depending on what the goal is).

That’s why you saturate yourself so fast. You expect great short-term results in things that are obtained in the long term.

What to do?

What you should do is start doing things that do not require much of your effort. Start with small and simple goals that do not bother you, do not get tired or saturated.

Little by little, week by week, month by month, you increase the intensity and the way you do things to achieve a certain goal. Do it so discreetly that the change is difficult to notice, but it does exist.

So, step by step, you are getting closer and closer to your main goal, without having to saturate or stress yourself so that you feel that you cannot do it anymore.

Without realizing it, you will be doing what seemed impossible to do, even more, and now it will be much easier because you have already adopted the habit to achieve it.

A great goal is no more than the sum of several small ones.

Remember that if you want to improve, you must increase little by little the intensity in which you develop your goal. If not, you will grow, but the moment will come when that curve that was initially vertical, becomes more and more horizontal until it practically no longer produces better results.

It is only good to stay the same when you consider that where you are is enough to fulfill your objective.

That is not necessarily mediocrity.

Not everyone wants infinite money or a perfect body. Some are content to have to live quietly and peacefully, with having a normal body and above all healthy.

Everyone finds their comfort and happiness in their own way, only if you want to continue growing or that things turn a different direction, is it necessary to change and intensify what you do.

The great things are not made by impulse, but by joining small things together.

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