Top 5 BuiltWith Alternatives in 2023: Detailed Comparison

BuiltWith Alternatives
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Technological proficiency is the cornerstone of every successful online business venture today. This has amplified the demand for technology profiling tools like BuiltWith, which allows users to delve into the digital blueprint of any website, fetching extensive information about its technology stack. BuiltWith offers a great deal of insight, yet it’s far from being the only solution available. Some users may desire more comprehensive features, lower costs, or a more intuitive interface, pushing them to explore other alternatives. This article embarks on a thorough review of the top five BuiltWith alternatives, comparing their pros, cons, and unique features. These BuiltWith Alternative platforms are Wappalyzer, Datanyze, SimilarTech, Ghostery, and NerdyData.


Wappalyzer has made a strong name for itself in the world of website technology profiling. This open-source tool gives users the opportunity to discern the technologies used by any website with ease. Its strengths include a browser extension for quick, on-the-go lookups, an extensive tech library, and APIs for data access.


  • With its open-source nature, Wappalyzer is regularly updated by a community of developers.
  • The tool supports a multitude of languages, databases, and web servers.
  • Its browser extension facilitates quick technology stack analysis while browsing.


  • The tool may not always offer accurate data, as it relies on pattern recognition, which can be tricked.
  • While the open-source nature of Wappalyzer is a strength, it also means the tool relies on community support, which can lead to inconsistency in updates.


Datanyze takes the technology profiling game a notch higher by providing information about software, hardware, and even mobile applications. It is a robust solution for those seeking deep technological insights along with firmographic and technographic data.


  • Datanyze provides a multi-dimensional view of a website’s technology, from software to mobile applications.
  • It offers valuable firmographic data such as the company size, industry, and location.
  • The platform integrates with other CRM tools, enhancing its functionality.


  • The depth of data offered by Datanyze might make it overwhelming for beginners.
  • Compared to BuiltWith and some alternatives, Datanyze is relatively expensive.


True to its name, SimilarTech offers a similar range of features as BuiltWith but stands out due to its focus on tracking technologies, allowing users to follow tech trends in real-time. Its comprehensive databases provide the added advantage of extensive data for competitive analysis.


  • SimilarTech provides real-time tracking of technology usage, which can help companies stay ahead of tech trends.
  • The tool offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • It provides a thorough competitive analysis, thanks to its extensive databases.


  • As SimilarTech is more specialized in tracking technologies, it may lack depth in other areas compared to BuiltWith.
  • SimilarTech’s API is not as comprehensive as that of some other alternatives.


Ghostery offers a unique approach to website technology profiling, focusing on identifying trackers for ads, analytics, and beacons on web pages. It doubles as an ad-blocker, providing a streamlined browsing experience without intrusive ads.


  • Ghostery can identify a wide range of trackers, helping users understand a site’s data collection practices.
  • The tool has a built-in ad-blocker, enhancing user experience.
  • Ghostery’s browser extension makes the tool easy to use while surfing the web.


  • Ghostery’s primary focus is on trackers, so it may not provide as comprehensive an overview of a site’s technology stack.
  • There have been concerns over Ghostery’s own data collection practices, which might put off some users.


NerdyData takes an innovative approach to website technology profiling by enabling users to conduct a source code search. This allows users to uncover not just the tech stack but also the unique coding patterns, making it a great tool for deep digital analysis.


  • The ability to perform source code search distinguishes NerdyData from many alternatives.
  • It provides in-depth analysis of website technologies and unique coding patterns.
  • NerdyData offers a robust API for integrating its services into other platforms.


  • The source code search may be too complex for beginners or those with limited technical knowledge.
  • The tool may be overkill for users who only need a basic overview of a site’s technology.


In the swiftly evolving digital landscape, technology profiling tools are no longer a luxury but a necessity. While BuiltWith has dominated the market for a while, several viable alternatives, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses, are worth considering. From Wappalyzer’s open-source, community-driven model to NerdyData’s source code search, there is a diverse selection of tools that cater to different users’ needs. As always, the choice of a tool will largely depend on individual requirements, budget, and technical proficiency. It is advisable to utilize free trials or demo versions of these tools to make an informed decision best suited to your business or personal objectives.

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