How to start your own online business from $0

Since the human left the caverns, we have dedicated ourselves to finding a way to make life easier.

We want everything to be automatic and instantaneous and we have achieved it.

I’m going to be honest, there are no instant businesses, but there are businesses that will make your life easier.

We already know that unless you have a job that pays $ 300,000 a year, the best way to have economic independence is to invest in your own business.

I was thinking about this for a while, and only with the bills to pay the registration, rent the premises, get the inventory, pay the taxes and everything else, I had to save for at least a year to start and without any warranty.

For the moment, I put aside that idea and started looking for other options, and I realized that you can create an online business in a few steps, in a short time and at a very low cost.

I myself had no experience in this issue when I started, so I had the same problems as you.

I will show you the steps recommended by the experts that I know work and I added the recommendations that I gained from the experience.

There is the possibility to enter the world of sales and generate your own income, and in this article you will learn how to create an online store.

The best of all is that online stores and businesses, such as those you will find in the list of 21 online business ideas, can be almost completely automated.

So when you have started, you will have more income and more freedom to dispose of your time.

The idea of having your own business can be more than a dream and you are about to discover everything you need to make it happen.

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How do you create a business?

To create a business, the most important thing is to know what business to choose. It must be an undertaking about something that you like, that you know how to do and that there are customers who want to buy your products or services, or else, your company will fail.

The first step is to find what you like or are passionate about. If you get into a project just for the money, but in reality you are not attracted to anything, over time you will lose interest in it.

So take paper and pencil, and start pointing out all those ventures that you would really love to start.

A good way to discover what you like is to review in your curriculum which were the jobs you enjoyed the most and why. Then think about the things you like to do to feel better, like writing, cooking, or exercising.

Make a list of all the things that interest you, because if your business is about something that interests you, you will spend more time thinking about ways to improve it and this will help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

A good technique to create this list is to think about what you would do if you had a million dollars. Take a minute and think about it, those things you find yourself fantasizing about will be your biggest interests.

Remember that it is important to write everything on your list, even those ideas that seem silly or unimportant.

What if I’m not passionate about anything?

Some time ago I read something that interested me a lot, they explained that we do not always work on what we are passionate about, sometimes we find a job and we are passionate about it. 

I agree with this comment, sometimes life is simply a matter of attitude. 

When you decide to hate what you achieve it and if you decide to love what you do and find reasons to enjoy it, you will also achieve it.

Then, think about that list with everything you know how to do, and create your list of what you could be passionate about, thinking about what are the things that will give you more reasons to enjoy them.

Once this is done, you should check what you know how to do, so you will have a shorter list of options to choose from.

The first thing you will have on hand to help you will be your resume, there you will find your knowledge in accordance with the studies with which you have prepared.

If you have cooking courses, knowledge of mechanics or an accounting certification, add it to your list.

You will also add the skills, if you get along with people, if you have many contacts and make relationships easily or if you are very good with computers and the Internet.

Do not leave anything on the outside, even if it does not seem important to you, every activity in which you are good, you must take it into account.

Another thing that you will find on your resume are your work experiences, the places you have worked and the positions you have occupied.

You will notice that in some places you were working longer than in others, concentrate on finding which jobs you did best and ask yourself what made you so good for that job?

You will see that when you finish, you will have a clearer idea of ​​the knowledge you have and your skills.

Now, you will see the two lists that you have created and you will compare them.

It will be like a game of couples, you will take something that you like to do, you will unite it with the skills with which it is related and you will think of a business idea.

What you like + what you know = Business idea. 

I’ll give you an example so you can start, if you like cooking and you’re good with the Internet, and you can create a web page of cooking recipes or an online catering service.

If on the other hand, there are things that you like a lot but you do not know how to do, it’s never too late to learn.

Think of the workshops, courses or seminars you can take to quickly learn some skills.

The result will be a shorter list with different business ideas.

Finally, you will choose on your list which is the business idea that sells the most. 

To know this you can start by asking for the opinion of your acquaintances, talking with people who already have some of these businesses or doing surveys.

Search the Internet for statistics on the most profitable businesses in your country to see which the best on your list are.

Finally, make the decision and choose your business. 

How to start your own online business?

Want to Start your own online business? Its easier than you think: you will only need your business idea, and have an Internet hosting to create your website. From there, you just have to start making your page, and wait for the first customers to arrive.

For the business you start to achieve what you expect, you must start by knowing exactly what you want to achieve, set a general goal and you can set small goals to achieve it.

The first thing you should think about to set your goals is the lifestyle you want to have in the short, medium and long term and how much money you need to earn.

These are examples of some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you want to travel or have an office at home?
  • Do you like to connect with readersand users?
  • Do you prefer to hire people to take charge?
  • How much money do you need to earn monthly?

Once you set your goals and have chosen your business idea with the steps that I explained before, choose the model of your business and start putting together your business plan.

The business model is the way in which you will represent your idea and reach your customers.

It can be through a blog, a web page, an online community, e-books, an online store, video tutorials, catalog sales…

Take your time in this step to investigate, and learn about all your options.

The business model that you choose must fit perfectly to your main objective, keep in mind if your priority is time, money or stay at home.

Also think if you want to sell a product or offer a service, if it is a product that you are going to manufacture yourself or if you are going to buy it from suppliers

The next thing you should do is take your idea and the model you chose and create a business plan.

To put together your business plan, keep in mind the description of your business, what you will do or sell, who your customers will be, the legal permits you need, how you will do the advertising, your budget with expenses and costs and the capital you have to invest.

When you have finished your business plan you will be able to see more clearly what you need, look for ways to learn the things that you need.

You might need some knowledge about finance, programming, design, or accounting and you have several options to solve this.

You can choose more conventional methods such as registering for courses, seminars, workshops or forums and take some classes.

If you do not want to leave the house or if you do not have enough time, there are many free ways to learn about anything online.

When you have completed these steps, you will be ready to start with the most interesting part of creating your web page.

The first thing you will look for when you create your website is a platform to design it, these platforms work as websites where you can organize and manage the content of your page.

The best thing about these sites is that you can create your website on your own, without any knowledge of programming because most of the actions are just select, move and release.

Creating your website can be as easy as making a Power Point presentation.

You have many options, some are created for designers and others are especially easy to use. So you can choose according to your needs.

To make sure you’re going to meet your expectations, test the platform you chose.

Many of these sites offer free trial periods, so you can take the time to see how they work, review the templates, try them and find the one that will help you create the page you imagined.

After choosing your platform, think about the name you want for your page. This way you can get the domain and the host.

The domain is the name and the link that will lead to your web page.

You have the option to buy the domain or register it if it does not exist.

The host is the space that your page will occupy and where you will upload all the information with which you will design it.

One of the advantages of this page is that it offers you the use of WordPress to design your web page, so you will literally find everything in one place. The best thing about Bluehost is that using it is very easy.

The next step to create your page is to choose a template and start designing it.

Take into account every detail so that in the end everything has harmony, colors, fonts, background and images, each element on your page is important.

Look for some ideas on the internet to know what are the best colors for your type of business, for example, it is shown that the red and yellow colors are the best for restaurants, look at the McDonald’s and Burger King Logos.

Also look for ideas about the combinations of those colors and make sure to use high quality images.

I know that you will be very anxious to publish your website, but first you must stop and review it very well.

Check that everything is in order and work perfectly, do as many tests as necessary.

Verify the spelling and grammar; test that all menu buttons work, that they have the correct link address; and that people can get directly to what you want them to see.

If you check the page just after you have finished, your mind will be clouded so you will miss some mistakes, so I recommend you check again the next day and ask your acquaintances to see it for you .

Finally, the moment you expected so much will arrive. You will publish your web page!

This will be the easiest thing you will do, click on the “Publish” button and that’s it, your page and your business will be open to the public. 

The last step to start your online business when you have already published your page is to find more customers and subscribers and this you will achieve by advertising.

The easiest way to advertise is to spread the word with your friends and family, you can start by sharing the link of your page on your social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. And start gaining visibility.

Create social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for your business, add the link to your page in the profile, get followers and publish ads with advertising and contests.

Make relationships with other websites and offer to pay for advertising or exchange advertising. 

This means that these other pages will give you a space to make you publicity.

In order for your page to be among the Internet search results, you will have to update it frequently and create new content every day on your social networks.

If you are interested in paid advertising, hire an advertising agency or subscribe to Facebook and Google programs such as Adwords that were created especially for business.

How to create an online store?

The first thing you should know to create your online store is the product that you are going to sell. Then, look for a platform on which to create your online store, and upload to it the photos and descriptions of your products.

If you have already made your business plan and you have decided to create an online store, the first thing you will do is choose your products.

Before moving on, you should think about whether your best option is to manufacture your own products and create a brand or buy from suppliers.

To manufacture products and create your brand you will need a little more budget and time, but the profits will increase and your business will grow faster.

If you choose to contact suppliers, the costs will be lower, you will see your first profits in less time but they will stay more stable.

My recommendation is that you start with a couple of products that you buy from suppliers to help you gain reputation while creating your brand and you are adding your own items.

After deciding this, you will be ready to choose, and the most important question is: What sells best?

Here is not about choosing a whole field, I recommend that you choose the specific product that best sells.

What I mean by this is that you will be more successful if instead of choosing “electronic equipment” you choose the product that sells the most, for example: cell phones.

Keep your mind open do a search on the Internet and take into account all your options.

When you have the idea of ​​the products you are going to sell, start looking for suppliers.

If you decided to manufacture your products, you will need suppliers for the materials you are going to use, make sure they are of quality.

If instead you’re going to be a re-seller, find the suppliers that sell the best quality items at the lowest price.

I suggest you have several options, in case for some reason one of your providers can not answer you in time.

Then, take pictures of the products, prepare a description for each one and get to work because it will be time to design and create your online store. 

There are many platforms on the Internet that offer you the design of your page, but in my opinion the best and easiest to use is Wix Stores.

With the Wix platform you can create your store easily and for free. You do not need to know anything about web pages or design, because only with a few clicks you can make your store online with them.

When you have published your store, you will begin to receive your first sales, the most important thing in this stage will be to create a digital reputation.

So that you do not believe that this is something that will take years, I will give you some very easy to follow tips.

The most important thing is that you keep your promises, I have never liked setting exact dates to accomplish something, I think it is better to set more flexible periods.

For example, it is better to say that the merchandise is shipped from 3 to 5 days and fulfill that lapse that I say today I send it and not do it.

So, when you decide the service, shipping and delivery times, make sure you can meet them. Of course if you can do it faster, better.

The next tip is to show concern for the clients, this will be done by answering the questions of the interested parties, by contacting the buyers and following up the shipments.

Your work does not end until the client is happy with your product in hand, if there is any problem on the way you will have to make sure that your customers know they can count on you.

Finally, make relationships with your customers and be nice. Creating a company page on Linkedin can be a very useful commercial tool.

Share with your followers on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, respond to comments make follow-up calls, and everything that is necessary to gain your trust, so you will earn your loyalty and an excellent reputation.

21 online business ideas that work

1. Publish a book or a digital magazine

Online publications gain followers every day, so write your eBook or E-book in a format like PDF and sell it online.

Another option is to find a design tool to create your own magazine. Choose a theme, write the articles, design your magazine and publish it.

2. Take online courses

If you like to teach and have knowledge about anything like cooking or repairing appliances, record videos explaining how to do it and sell them online.

You can also be an online teacher and teach live and direct, you only need video calling applications like Skype or Hangouts.

3. Create your own online store

The world of sales has always been the most popular business.

Follow the steps in this article and create your own online store to start a profitable business online.

4. Start a virtual assistant agency

All companies need help with travel planning or the organization of the agenda and now it is very common to look for this help online.

It offers virtual assistance services and creates your own agency, you can start working yourself and hire assistants while you get more clients.

5.  Design web pages

All businesses need a web portal to reach more customers, so designing these portals is a business that always has demand.

Already in this article I have taught you how to start your own website, see tutorials and practice, creating several models so that you can offer this service.

6. Create a podcast

You will make funny recordings about interesting topics to gain followers, then you can use the podcast to earn money by offering publicity, sharing a channel on YouTube or selling your own products and services.

7. Create a dropshipping business

The Dropshipping is a system of selling through an intermediary. 

First you will need to create your online store, find suppliers and publish the products.

When you receive a sale, the supplier will send the product directly to the customer, so you will not have to pay until they pay you, because you will be selling the supplier’s inventory.

8. Start a blog

Choose a topic that interests you and write about it in the blog, when you have followers you can earn money by advertising on your blog or creating your own brand.

9. Sell ​​on online sales platforms

If the idea of ​​creating your own store does not appeal to you, you can still sell on other pages.

You have many options like EBay, Amazon…

You can sell all kinds of new or used items and you will only have to make publications that in most of the sites are free and pay a commission percentage for each sale.

10. Sell ​​boxes by subscription

This business has several advantages, it is profitable, it is online and it is novel.

To start you have to create a web page where you offer thematic boxes to subscribers, the most common are books, food or beauty products.

People will pay a monthly payment to receive a surprise box every month or every three months.

11. Start a translation agency

The birth of the Internet broke many communication barriers, but large companies still need help with the language barrier.

Start your business by offering the translations yourself and get more clients, so you can start hiring agents.

12. Manage social networks like Facebook

Social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have gained much importance in the business world.

It is practically necessary to have social networks and use them with strategy to be able to keep up with the competition.

So, if you have knowledge and a little creativity, you can start your business by creating strategies and content for the social networks of other companies.

13. Become a personal trainer

To achieve the goal of being in shape in addition to diet and exercise you need motivation. So your business as a personal trainer will be the motivation.

Connect with people through the Internet and create training and feeding plans to help them reach their goal.

To win customers make posts on social networks like Instagram with a challenge, for example “get your wasp waist in 3 weeks”

14. Repair computers remotely

The most important thing for this business is that you have computer skills.

It is very common that when people do some work, suddenly the computer loses the connection or a software stops working. Especially in the moments of most urgency.

Your business will solve these problems at the moment and without anyone having to leave your home. You will only need a remote controller software.

15. Sell ​​crafts

Use your hands and your creativity to create objects, jewelry or ornaments and sell them.

To make it more economical, you can use recycled materials and to look for models and techniques on the Internet.

The crafts can be sold online in specialized pages such as Etsy or create your own online store.

16. It offers a content writing and review service

This is another way to exploit your talent as a writer.

Publishers and website owners often search for people to create new content.

You can also offer the format, spelling and grammar review service in several languages.

17. Create a photography agency

It offers professional photography services at corporate and family events.

Your most important investment in this business will be your portfolio, take your best work to display it on a web page and attract customers.

You can also sell your photos, there are many web pages created for this.

18. Sell ​​your used clothing

The best thing about this business is that you already have all your inventory at home, so you do not need a budget to invest.

To start, look for all the clothes that you no longer use and check that it is not torn or stained.

Then classify it and separate it into groups, create a web page and start selling.

19. Offers advisory services

Start by discovering what your area of ​​knowledge is, be it accounting, finance, IT, sales, laws or taxes.

You will simply have to create your website offering help to people and small businesses with these issues.

The most important thing about this business is having a solid and stable image.

20. Give music or dance lessons

If you have talent for the arts, do your business online and at home teaching other people.

Create an online platform, start a YouTube channel or make video tutorials.

You will have fun doing what you like, you will have your own business and people will thank you, everyone wins.

21. Sell ​​organic products

It is very easy to offer products created with environmental awareness, everyone wants to do something for our planet.

You will have many options because an organic product can be anything that does not have chemical processes and that does not generate contamination.

Some examples are organic fruits and vegetables, biodegradable packaging, juices, wines…

The most important thing in this business is that it remains practical. It offers biodegradable packaging but easy to carry.

Do you have any idea to start your online business? Leave your comment below and tell me how you are going to start

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