10 Tips to Make a Blog That Inspires: Blogs That Engage & Convert

Being a blogger is in fashion, more and more and that shows in the number of blogs that are circulating on the internet. But one thing is to have a blog and another very different is to have many readers and that these end up becoming customers of your brand, your products or services. This time I bring you 10 tips to make a good blog and to win readers and future customers.

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1. Extension of the holder 

Although there is no general rule for the extension of titles, the ideal is 60 characters, avoid headlines that are too long and be concise in this part of the text, one of the most obvious reasons is that if it is too long we can make it confusing and, as a consequence, that people discard their reading.

According to a study conducted:

  • 40 characters Average extension of a headline in a blog
  • 60 characters Rightful extension of a headline in a blog
  • > 60 characters– Negative extension , strong drop in blog effectiveness

2. Get attention with the owner

The titles are 80% of the success of a post. The content is very important but if you do not call attention you will not receive the interest you deserve. If you do not choose titles that get the reader’s attention, you will probably not get the number of visits that the post deserves.

These are some of the tricks to create an attractive headline:

  • You must reveal a secret (6 things you should know to manage Facebook)
  • Must solve a problem (How to get more subscribers for your blog)
  • Choose a good main image for the post
  • Use numbers (10 tricks ways to manage your social networks)
  • It must contain the  surprise factor (The secret of the good Community Manager)
  • It should arouse curiosity (Have you noticed the last change of Google?)
  • The questions work (do you also make these 6 mistakes?)
  • Excite with your title(Answer this question: are you a fighter?)
  • Feeling useful (How to improve your LinkedIn profile in 7 steps)

3. Program your publications well

The organization is one of the best allies to achieve a successful and effective blog. To do this, you must create a well-defined structure and be consistent in your publications, otherwise you will lose the interest of the public.

  • The Tuesday and Wednesday are the most popular days to publish your blog post
  • Or check if it works better to publish the weekends. The percentage of post published is 13% but they receive 32% of visits.

4. Use bullets and numbered lists

Another factor that must be taken into account and that is also related to the organization, is the use of bullets and enumerations. These two elements will make the articles of your blog easier to read and more attractive to readers, make them enjoy reading your posts and stay to see your blog.

Also, if you manage bullets and numbered lists well with the other components and elements within the text, this will give an aesthetic and differentiating touch to your blog.

5. Includes calls to action and provides information to potential subscribers

A call to action can be any element through which we will make the user “land” on one of our product or service cards or enter the so-called sales funnel or Conversion Funnel. In general, this element can be a banner, a button or some type of graphic or text placed strategically on our website. At the moment of clicking, the user will have entered the funnel.

The calls to the action can locate them in the home or in other pages, and do that they point to external sites or internal sections of the same web. However, those that appear in blogs and in e-mail marketing campaigns are the most effective.

Blogs are the perfect and ideal place to insert a call to action as it may be related to the topic of the post. As you can imagine, the chances of readers clicking on it are extremely high and therefore will facilitate the conversion.

6 “The good, if it is brief, twice good”

Have you ever read an article and been left wanting to read more? Or the opposite: have you stopped reading because it seemed that this post was endless? What is the perfect extension for a post? According to SEO experts, it could be considered that between 1,000 and 1,500 words is a fairly acceptable extension for a post.

A key factor that must be taken into account in the face of positioning is how Google interprets our publications, the perfect content for Google would have an extension of about 1,000 words, about three images and a video.

In addition to including text in your publications do not forget that it is also important to insert images and videos. Use in each post a consistent proportion between words and images: a longer article will need to be accompanied by more images than a short one to decongest the reading.

7. Use a coherent structure. Introduction, knot and outcome

At this point we have to be very clear about what we want to tell and how we are going to tell it. We must choose a structured and orderly structure so that our publications have a logic and a solid base. This component is key even to win readers, because if there is an organized and harmonious structure among its elements, our public will enjoy our publications and therefore we will have an increase in visits to our blog.

What structure should a post have?

  • Headline: Short text that hooks the reader
  • Introduction:Short and concise exposition on the subject
  • Knot or body of the text:In-depth explanation of what we want to tell
  • Outcome: Establish a conclusion of everything addressed in the text

8. Stay active and attract traffic to your blog

Get attract traffic and retain your readers is of great importance for the survival of your blog. Once you have created your articles you will need to give them a certain degree of visibility so that they know you are in the digital world. To do this, you must be consistent and transmit to your audience a continuous activity over time, it is useless to attract traffic to your blog if you are not active offering valuable content and renewed.

Everything you post on the web ends up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Therefore, it is very important to share your content on social networks to have greater visibility and ultimately attract traffic and new readers to your blog.

9. Build your audience

The audience is those people who visit our site frequently, recommend it, subscribe to our database and interact with us and with other followers. The type of audience will completely define your blog, depending on what audience you want to address, your content will be one way or another totally different.

When creating your blog you must be very clear about the topic you are going to address and what kind of people you are going to address (age, profession, language…).

In short, it is about making a segmentation and knowing very well the audience you are going to address. Once you have defined your audience you can make different strategies to attract new readers for your blog and get them to subscribe as long as possible and if it is forever better.

10. Experiment, do something unexpected

For bloggers, it is essential to learn, experiment and try new things to find out what is really working or not with your audience. For this, you must be bold and original, surprise and attract attention in an attractive way. When you have found out you can do it again and again consistently and get your blog to succeed. This method will make your audience not fall into the routine and get tired of your publications over time.

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