How To Make Money From Flipping Blogs

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The idea of ​​setting up a business related to digital marketing and the creation of websites or blogs and being able to make money selling them for hundreds or thousands of dollars has crossed your mind.

Entrepreneurs sell and buy websites on Flipping platforms every day. Then you too can sell blog or web business you’ve been growing.

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your business online. But the important thing is that you get a good price for it.

Here are some platforms and networks where you can sell your blog. Some sites offer a free option to sell the blog. But some websites charge fees to list the site and sell.

  • Flippa
  • EmpireFlippers
  • Motion Invest
  • Investors Club

Among all of the above and the others available in the market, I will recommend Flippa because Flippa makes it easy for you to get the best price for your property online. You do this by providing an efficient platform, offering the right tools, and exposing your offer to a large number of buyers.

What is Flippa?

Flippa is a website that is exclusively dedicated to buying and selling web pages or blogs, domains, and applications.

One of the advantages that Flippa gives you is that you can sell a newly created website without traffic and without profit, however, if you work a little on the positioning and manage to generate some traffic and profit, its price in the market increases considerably and you will be able to earn more.

Do not leave the article, because later I will show you a simple way of how you can start this business, it is a strategy that is applied by most of the people who are dedicated to buying and selling web pages, you can scroll and go directly to the method.

Some historical details.

The webmasters who participated in the SitePoint forum discussed all kinds of topics that had to do with the creation and administration of websites, that’s where the great idea of ​​starting to sell websites arose.

This trend gave such good results that it quickly became fashionable and the marketing of websites began to spread, of course, the marketers quickly realized that this was a magnificent business and a very lucrative way of the many ways to earn money with websites.

Flippa was born as a need that originated in the community of the SitePoint forum, where initially the purchase and sale transactions of websites were made.

Flippa’s emergence into the world of website sales marketing gave the website auction market a mega boost and it hasn’t stopped growing ever since. Every day there are more site creators who have made this activity a true highly lucrative business.

Statistics that support the veracity of what I am revealing to you.

  • An important fact to note is that half of the income that Flippa receives comes from the sale of websites and only 30% corresponds to domain transactions.

-Currently, there are more than 600,000 registered buyer users and from 2009 to date, 38,905 digital assets have been sold worldwide.

– Since it began its activities in 2009, Flippa has achieved million of dollars in sales and it is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

One of the reasons why Flippa grew fast and became the favorite place to sell websites was that it was born out of a need that arose in the SitePoint forum.

With a built-in base of sellers and buyers on SitePoint, the rest was spreading the word on social media and waiting.

Like eBay and AliExpress, Flippa has a trust system, where members can leave comments, and an evaluation system where you can verify the trustworthiness of the person who is selling to you.

How does Flippa work?

The operation of Flippa is very similar to a web page for the sale of digital products such as Hotmart, where you can enter and buy a product, it is a digital Marketplace, only instead of selling books, courses, software, assets are traded here digital such as web pages, domains, applications.

The way the commercial exchange works is based on an auction, where the owner through this page offers his digital asset, which enters a bidding process for those who are interested.

The website is very intuitive and easy to use, it has a search engine where you can go and access any of its categories.

Does it sell fast on Flippa?

The sale could take a couple of days from when you publish your website, as well as months, it all depends on some factors related to your website, for example.

  • Seniority or time spent on the platform
  • Amount of traffic
  • If you already have demonstrable earnings.
  • Growth projection as a business

All these variables are important when selling, they are the points that a buyer takes into account when investing.

What is the price of a web page or digital asset?

At this point, we must think of a price that is reasonable taking into account that you are possibly a beginner in this business, however Flippa herself helps you determine what price you can put on your digital root good.

For this, Flippa pays close attention to the performance of your website, therefore it will take into account the statistical metrics to evaluate how much your digital asset is worth. Many buyers enter this website looking for opportunities, it could well be that the niche of your site is commercial, but finally, they will look at the performance to make a purchase decision.

How does Flippa help you to sell?

This is the most interesting thing about this excellent platform, since the great reach thanks to the huge number of buyers that Flippa has, allows it to connect with very relevant buyers according to the niche they are looking for.

This is a great opportunity and a great help that allows your asset to be right under the noses of hungry buyers.

That is why as a web page producer, your main objective is to learn how to find profitable niches that are in demand and well-paid.

Strategy to earn money with Flippa.

We have reached the most important part, which is how or what I have to do to earn money with Flippa.

Are you ready to learn strategies to start your business in Flippa?

So let’s go with this method.

Strategy. Sell ​​niche pages created in WordPress

Creating a website today does not have to be difficult or complicated, maybe 10 years ago it was, but today it is practically a procedure and you can do it very easily with WordPress.

You practically need to determine 5 things; the niche, domain, search volume, trend, and monetization potential.

Look for profitable niches that allow you to start making money with Flippa as soon as possible

The first thing you should do is find a profitable niche, I recommend you make a list and then research each niche.

It doesn’t make any sense for you to set up a blog on a topic that no one is looking for and whose keywords have a low cost per click.

Because nobody is going to buy you a website that, although it generates a lot of traffic, is of such poor quality that it practically generates little or no profit.

Check the trend of your niches

Use the Google Trends tool to evaluate the search trend over time and only keep those that show an upward trend or remain constant in a horizontal line, and discard those that are clearly in decline.

Buy a domain related to your niche

Once you have decided on the niche you want to work with, with which you are going to build your blog, the next step is to buy a domain name.

Be careful, this tip is very important for you to achieve a good positioning of your blog.

Use a keyword composed of a minimum of 3 words, that is related to your blog, that has an acceptable search volume, and with many long-tail words, with which you can later make an article each of them.

If you do not understand how to choose your domain, I have an article where I explain in detail what you should take into account. You can access this post from:

How to choose the perfect domain for my website, blog, or online store

What I have just taught you is simply high-value tips, if you apply them you will get traffic in a very short term and your website will rise in value on Flippa.

Hire a Hosting to host your domain

You already have your domain, now you have to host it in a Hosting, I use Ionos for 5 reasons, it is for my taste of the best quality, it is fast, has good technical support, and is cheap and finally the plan that I have is the Cloud Server Package, allows you to host all your web at a price that is at very low price per month.

Imagine, you could create and sell many websites for as little as $20-30 per month. Tell me, what business could give you a return of 50 times what you invest?

This is pretty much a win-win business and you might as well make a living from this activity if you specialize.

Create your niche blog

Once you’ve hosted your domain, creating your WordPress blog is no more than a blink of an eye, it’s as easy as a couple of clicks. I wrote a tutorial where I explain step by step how to do it with BlueHost.

Once you have done all these steps, what remains is to choose a template that suits your niche and install the necessary plugins and start publishing articles with the long-tail keywords you chose.

The key to starting generating good income is that you sell sites with traffic that are generating income, this raises the price and you earn more.

You can also sell web pages with zero traffic and you will still achieve a good return.

I leave this to your discretion.

Without further ado, I can only reflect on the enormous potential that this business model offers you to earn money without having to put your economy at risk.

Final reflection

This is a win-win business, as I expressed in a previous paragraph, and the benefits it offers you go beyond the money you can earn, financial freedom, working from home or anywhere, without work pressure, you earn what you want, vacations at any time of the year, these are some of the great benefits that this style of business offers you.

Dear friend, it doesn’t matter what profession you have, if you are a doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer or an employee; Flippa can change your lifestyle like you can’t imagine, you can start part-time with that minimum investment per month, and work your way up.

You can start and sell web pages created in WordPress with zero traffic and along the way learn SEO over time I can assure you that you will become an expert.

The path to success is not easy, but this business model allows you to learn along the way and grow in a solid and sustained way.

Without a doubt, Flippa is a great option for those people who want to start a business online in their spare time, and are looking for a way of doing business that is compatible with time and money.

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