Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid) in 2023

YouTube Rank Checker Tools
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As a YouTube content creator, one of your primary goals is to get your videos ranked higher on the platform to reach a wider audience. To achieve this, you need to understand how well your videos are performing and identify areas of improvement. YouTube rank checker tools can help you with this task by providing valuable insights into your video rankings. In this article, I have curated a list of the best free and paid YouTube rank checker tools available in 2023 to help you optimize your channel’s performance.

Free YouTube Rank Checker Tools


TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that offers an array of tools to help optimize your YouTube channel. It allows you to track your video rankings for specific keywords, monitor competitors, and find high-performing tags. The free version offers limited features, but you can upgrade to a paid plan for advanced functionality.

Social Blade

Social Blade is a popular analytics tool that provides insights into various social media platforms, including YouTube. It offers a simple interface for tracking video rankings, subscriber counts, and estimated earnings. Social Blade is entirely free and an excellent choice for beginners looking for basic ranking information.


VidIQ is a freemium YouTube rank checker tool that offers a powerful Chrome extension. It provides keyword research, competitor analysis, and video optimization tools. The free version offers limited functionality, but upgrading to a paid plan unlocks more advanced features like historical video data and deeper keyword insights.

Paid YouTube Rank Checker Tools


Morningfame is a paid YouTube analytics tool that simplifies the process of optimizing your channel’s growth. It offers a 24-hour rank tracking feature, allowing you to monitor your video’s ranking progress closely. Morningfame also provides a unique Keyword Research Tool that generates relevant keyword suggestions to improve your video’s ranking. Pricing starts at $4.90/month.


NoxInfluencer is a paid YouTube analytics platform with powerful rank checking features. It offers comprehensive analytics, including real-time video rankings, channel comparisons, and keyword tracking. NoxInfluencer also provides video tag suggestions and competitor analysis, helping you stay ahead of the curve. Pricing starts at $9.99/month.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a paid keyword research tool specifically designed for YouTube. It helps you find long-tail keywords that can improve your video’s ranking and visibility. This tool also provides a YouTube Rank Checker feature to monitor your video’s position for specific keywords. Pricing starts at $49.99 for a lifetime license.


AccuRanker is a powerful paid rank tracking tool for both YouTube and Google. It provides real-time data on your video rankings, allowing you to monitor your performance closely. AccuRanker also offers competitor analysis, keyword research, and integration with Google Analytics and Search Console. Pricing starts at $49/month.


Choosing the right YouTube rank checker tool can significantly impact your channel’s growth and success. Evaluate the features, pricing, and ease of use of the tools mentioned above to find the one that best suits your needs. By leveraging these tools, you can optimize your YouTube channel, improve your video rankings, and reach a wider audience.

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