8 Powerful Hacks to Increase Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur

If you want to know how to be more productive in your life or how to be productive at work and want to increase or increase your productivity then you should read and make part of your life the following 8 habits.

Being more productive does not simply mean achieving more, it also means enjoying more.

It is useless to reach the goals of the year, month or period if at the end of the day you feel stress, fatigue or any other negative emotion, because then you have not served all the work, or what?

Before you know the 8 habits to be more productive and increase productivity we must understand that activity is not the same as productivity.

A person can spend the whole day busy and yet not produce the expected result. Unfortunately we have become accustomed to reward activity more than productivity.

Does activity equal productivity?

On the one hand, when we see that a person struggles or “suffers” a lot in an activity we have to think that he is a good person, hardworking or much focused.

And, on the other hand, when we see a person who does not suffer from stress, who is calm and happy we think that he is lazy, that he is not interested in work or is not committed.

Understand that what we are really looking for is productivity and not the activity is basic because it will allow us to assimilate the following concepts that we will see and not only will it allow us to reach our objectives faster if we do not learn to enjoy the process and get rid of unnecessary stress.

How to be more productive and efficient in what you do

Watch the video or read below the eight habits you must do for your life to be more productive in your work and in your personal life.

1. Focus on the objective instead of the procedure.

When we think about everything we have to do to achieve something, we tend to feel stress and confusion, even frustration. Has it happened to you?

If instead of thinking of all the steps we must take to achieve something we think about what we want to achieve and how we will feel when we reach our goal then we will do everything necessary quickly and without realizing we will be enjoying the achievement.

2. Take small breaks frequently.

When you think you have less time to rest, then that is the moment you most need to rest. It has been proven that productivity increases significantly if you take breaks of between 15 and 20 minutes every 2 hours of work.

If you do this, your mind will clear, be free of stress and allow you to focus better and, therefore, be more productive. The idea is to take these minutes of rest to stretch, breathe, relax, hydrate or just do not think about anything.

3. Do 20% of activities that will give you 80% of the results.

Many times we find ourselves doing many activities that bring us significantly closer to our goal. If we want to be more productive then you and I must ask ourselves what is it that I can do now that will significantly bring me closer to my expected result.

There are always one or two activities that we can do that will help us take a big step towards our goal, take the time to find out what they are.

4. Dedicate yourself the first hour of your day.

The great leaders worldwide always take the first hour of their day to focus on themselves. Dedicate the first hour of your day in your body, in your mind and in your soul. The worst thing you can do when you wake up is to check your email or move forward with some pending task yesterday.

When you wake up tomorrow, breathe deeply, smile, thank for one more day of life, go for a walk, jog or run, feel that you are alive and visualize your goals for the day.

5. Send emails with specific objectives that do not require constant answers.

If a mail comes and goes more than 4 times it is better to take the phone and reach an agreement in a two minute phone conversation. The next time you send an email, remember to be specific in its purpose and remember to give specific instructions about what the other person should do in each situation.

Do not leave the conversation open to continue answering the mail, thank you in advance and anticipate what the other person might need and give it so you do not have to ask for it later.

6. Designate specific times during the day for repetitive tasks.

If you perform repetitive tasks throughout the day it is better to designate specific times during the day so that they do not distract you in the middle of an important operation.

For example, you could designate specific hours in which you will check your email, your cell phone or the social network of your choice. That will allow you to focus better on what matters most to you.

7. Recognize the difference between the important and the urgent and do the important thing first.

Many times we usually focus on what requires our immediate attention, a call, an email or something that came to mind at that moment that is extremely urgent. However, the fact that it is urgent does not mean that it is important.

You and I could spend hours, days or weeks doing urgent things and still not achieve our goals. As long as we do not understand the difference between what is important to advance in life or in our work and what is simply urgent, we cannot be more productive and happy.

8. Learn to blur the things that do not approach your goal.

Knowing how to defocus is as important as knowing how to focus. It is useless for us to know how to focus on a task if, when we finish doing it and it is time to start another task, we cannot defocus it to put our focus on the new task.

If we are at work we must focus on work, if we are at home with the family we should focus on the family. If we want to be more productive then we must stop thinking about other things while doing an important task or activity for us.

Now it’s your turn, it’s time for you to take action and apply what you read and, above all, make it part of your life.

And before you close this window, tell me how do you do to increase productivity? What is the biggest barrier that prevents you from achieving your goals?

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